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View Diary: Taxpayer dollars teach that evolution is 'wicked and vain' (135 comments)

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    I'm one of those crazy Catholics who thinks religion and science CAN co-exist, somebody who firmly believes in Darwin's theory of evolution with a little bit of intelligent design thrown in. All that being said, the information provided in this diary is exactly why I'm against the increase in charter schools and the use of vouchers. If parents want to send their kids to a predominately religious school, then that's fine. However, the taxpayers shouldn't be forced to underwrite the costs for such private education in schools that not only teach creationism, they indoctrinate students into Christianity.

    The Constitution is pretty clear about the separation of church and state. Even though I'm a Christian, I wouldn't want to send my son to a religious school that denigrated evolution and other scientific and mathematical science, and I sure as hell don't want my tax dollars being spent on sending other people's kids to one. Even the Catholic schools aren't as bad about brainwashing students into creationism as the fundamental Christian schools. We need to do away with publicly-funded charter schools and vouchers altogether, because some of these schools' curricula are sending children the wrong message by denying them knowledge in the areas of math and science. Even worse, religious schools funded through vouchers are giving carte blanche to those on the Christian Right with their own agenda, sending the American education system down a very slippery slope away from scientific learning and straight into religious indoctrination.

    Personally, I'm getting pretty sick of the atheists who constantly rag on religious teachings, as well as the Christian fundamentalist nut jobs who discount science and evolution altogether. Still, publicly-funded schools should not be vilifying evolution and science and preaching religion and creationism.

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