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View Diary: Collision and oil spill close Houston Ship Channel on 25th anniversary of Exxon Valdez spill (29 comments)

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  •  Galveston Bay (5+ / 0-)

    I lived in the Clear Lake area for nearly 20 years (in New Orleans now) and Galveston Bay has always had issues with pollution. The Ship Channel and Intracoastal both run through there, so there are thousands of ships and barges going through. I can remember being on the Bolivar ferry a few years ago and coming way too close to a moving ship for my comfort. I'm sure the ship's pilot and the ferry captain had it under control but the proximity of that ginormous ship scared the shit out of me.
     There are plenty of dolphins and lots of sailing and other boating activities in the bay. Lots of bird areas in the bay and on Galveston Island. I saw a photo this morning of oil washing up on East Beach on Galveston Island (which is on the gulf side of the inlet to the bay) and there is a bird sanctuary adjacent to that beach.
    Cleanup of the oil is going to be a bitch and in addition to the wildlife,  I'm sure it'll affect the tourism economy as well as the restaurants in the area. This is going to end up being a big effin deal for the whole bay area. It breaks my heart, but doesn't really surprise me.

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