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View Diary: Washington Post Blog Prints Heartbreaking Letter from Teacher (131 comments)

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  •  Why not a DoE (1+ / 0-)
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    that deliberately empowers local districts by funding them directly, as they used to do before Reagan?  Is there a way to design the system so that the DoE can effectively act to empower teachers, protecting them from the bigotry or willful ignorance of the local population without the demoralizing and intrusive micromanagement of NCLB or RttT? Like - just tossing ideas out - a national qualifying exam for teachers, with DoE funding amounts for local districts contingent on number of teachers so qualified? Maybe with added funding for reduced class sizes?

    •  That's the best idea I've heard all year (1+ / 0-)
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      Amen.  Why are we testing the students to test the quality of the teachers?  Why not just test the teachers based on a national set of standards?  Then you can include knowledge about different educational methods for different types of students, and some behavioral psychology for elementary age children.

      It isn't the kids who need to keep up with the standards, it's the teachers!

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