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View Diary: Kitchen Table Kibitzing 3/25/2014: Triangle Shirtwaist Fire (167 comments)

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  •  Idiots. (6+ / 0-)

    Yip Harburg was blacklisted for a reason! What a wonderful guy.

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    by belinda ridgewood on Tue Mar 25, 2014 at 07:02:45 PM PDT

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    •  unfortunately, francis ford coppolla so badly (4+ / 0-)

      did a movie version of 'rainbow' that no one'll ever touch it again.

      •  Yeah, plus Fred Astaire. (3+ / 0-)

        But I think it's maybe the storyline that's too challenging for moviemakers now. The bigoted white senator is required to be magically turned black, you may recall. In today's reality, I think it'd be difficult to put a white actor in blackface, as they did with Keenan Wynn, and not have it feel icky, even though the idea behind it is positive. That's just my speculation as a non-moviemaker, though.

        Shop Kos Katalogue ❧ Help Okiciyap at Cheyenne River reservation.

        by belinda ridgewood on Tue Mar 25, 2014 at 08:37:36 PM PDT

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        •  CGI might solve some of the skin issues, (1+ / 0-)
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          belinda ridgewood

          a surreal approach might have served the 'magical' moments instead of , for example, having tommy tune mugging and slapschticking all over the place; and less theatrical methods (that often don't work onscreen) that were extraordinarily outdated even at the time the film was made i find impossible to understand why they were in it.  The similarities to the Lil'Abner film, made a decade earlier, and also not too successful as i recall ('tho i was a child at the time, I just have some sense of hearing adults talk about it negatively after expect vastly more from Al Capp material), suggest to me that southern 'hillybilly' settings were incurring certain automatic prejudices about intelligence & behavior in characters that's kind of distasteful

          i thought astaire did a damn good jog and actually bridged the real-vs-fantastical with fine control, certainly better than anyone else in the cast or the direction/ design team.  of course, he had more experience with exactly those kinds of issues and a million more than probably any other 3 people combined in that production.

          for some reason the last time i saw it (just this past st pat's day), i got to wondering how cocteau would have handled it, 'tho that doesn't make a lot of sense, but somehow came to mind.

          in college i had a dble-major & dble-minor in trying to assemble a professional education in communications media (including how recreational media influence & transmit ideas & information), so there was a lot of movie & television & stage classes involved, a fair amout of unpaid production work, and a lot of criticism classes; after graduation, i worked at a public tv station a few years, but except for occasionally volunteering in community theatre, i'm mostly a viewer, and i seem to notice things that don't necessarily interest anyone else. i have a good record of liking movies & tv shows that really fail popularly, so i was astonished that Big Bang Theory became such a success.  i liked it, so how did that happen?


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