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View Diary: White House losing patience on judicial nominations (67 comments)

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    ...doesn't have the power to "ram them down their throats". Reid would be the person you should focus on.

    Obama is a lame duck and will never run for reelection or have to live, as a politician, under whatever changes are made to the Senate rules/customs. Most Senators do. Obama's and Senators' motivations are completely different - the former is more worried about legacy, the latter more worried about reelection and legislating in a Senate/Administration that may be in place in coming years.

    Reid may be concerned about what happens if the GOP gains control of the Senate in the upcoming elections - turnabout being fair play and all that. Obama couldn't care less (he doesn't want it to happen of course, but he knows he will just have to veto almost every bill that comes his way as that would be his only option and that he would never get his desired nominees through, with or without rules changes, in that case).

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