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View Diary: Albuquerque Police fatally shoot homeless man found camping in desert area illegally (111 comments)

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    •  No (6+ / 0-)

      They have to go through interviews, paperwork, etc. when they shoot.  That is not less work.

      One obvious interpretation is the police made the confrontation violent so they could get away with shooting.  What's a few hours or days of easy work if it means you get to kill with no consequences?  This is the least likely, but possible.

      Of course, perhaps they were using the flash bang to agitate the suspect so they could be him up, and then panicked in cowardice when they got the result they asked for.

      Another interpretation is they totally screwed up when they used the flash bang, and then compounded it by shooting.  

      In cases two and three, it began with a minimum misdemeanor, and likely felony, assault by the police that caused a death.  It sounds like a good case for homicide as the consequence of committing a crime.  In effect, if not the letter of the law, this is a lot worse in terms of negligence and intent than a drunk driver killing another person in an accident.

      •  Sorry, that was a deliberate escalation (6+ / 0-)

        of a compliant suspect.

        The officers did fire a flash-bang device at him, which was moderately ineffective due to the nature of the device and its operational capabilities. The suspect then drew knives when being charged by the canine, something I'd do in his place as well. It's called self-defense and that used to be a human right in the United Fascist States of America.
        The suspect then retreated and was fired upon, something that was forbidden since the late 1960's, but now seems to be legal. Shoot the fleeing suspect, for that three inch knife can travel hundreds of yards and has a kill zone of a howitzer!

        •  A general lesson here is NOT to draw any weapon (0+ / 0-)

          but to cooperate completely when you are confronted by the police.  The guy is arguing when the video starts.  He looks and sounds aggressive.  He pulls knives, may have even more deadly weapons in that big pack.
          Put yourself in the police shoes.  They face a suspect who has unknown intentions and capabilities, so they HAVE to assume the worst, ie the guy has machine guns and grenades in that big pack and after he knifes the dog, will duck behind the rocks and blast the cops to hell. Too often police face well-armed cop killers.  
          But regardless of whether you want to understand the police officer point of view, for your own health, keep your hands in sight and make no sudden movements.  Do nothing that could possibly be construed as initiating an attack.  

          •  The problem here is he was a schitzophrenic (1+ / 0-)
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            and paranoid, and the cops already knew that because they'd dealt with him several times in the past already.  During one previous encounter, the guy broke the nose of a police woman.

            The guy didn't have any weapons out until after the police riled him up with that flash round.  Before that, he was cooperating, and his hands were occupied carrying his bags.

            Even after provoking a known paranoid schitzophrenic, they had other options to take him down safely, the most obvious being a tazer.  Pretty hard to swing a knife when your on the ground and your muscles are locked up.

            But I think the problem here are in fact the cops.  Did you know that the cops in Albequerque have shot and killed way more people than the cops in New York City.  The Department of Justice is currently investigating the Albequergue police department for this.

          •  Purposely incorrect POV? (0+ / 0-)

                Perhaps in the land of Breaking Bad and corrupt untrained police officers this is valid procedure? Always amazed by first cop thought is to use their gun. Two burly (theoretically in shape) cops ought to be trained in fighting skills to take down a knife wielding suspect. Most police departments issue officers batons (night sticks) as well as pepper spray and tasers. If they pulled him in before they know what weapons he had before. And if he runs? Where is he going, into the desert?
                 "The suspect posed a threat": most cops that are killed are doing something they aren't supposed to, shot by their partners, or shot with their own gun. Not even counting the self inflicted gunshot wounds.

          •  General Lesson ? (0+ / 0-)

             This was little more than an exercise in how to murder somebody while making it look like he was a threat. Is this the smartest thing they could think of ? Jesus, it was flat out murder. WHY; was it necessary to fire the stun grenade. WHY; was the dog sent in WHY; didn't they just back off when he said he'd walk down the mountain. WHY; does law enforcement ALWAYS assume the person they're talking to is going to do them bodily harm.

             This guy was out in the woods where he was a threat to nobody. He was confronted by at least four men with automatic weapons and a nasty dog and HE represented a threat ???? seriously ?

              This entire police mentality was created when Ronald fuckin Reagan started the "War on Drugs" in earnest. He gave law enforcement the tools (armored vehicles, para military training, sophisticated weapons, and MONEY,) to go get the drug dealers. Now, as a result of years of that mentality, the citizens of our communities are looked upon as gun toting evil, instead of people. We see it all the time, and it's getting worse. SWAT teams blowing through the front door shouting "get down, get down".
              This guy had a knife or two. A KNIFE, not an automatic weapon. Sure, he COULD have had other stuff but that can be said of every single person they encounter every day. The fact is, he didn't, and they murdered him just the same. It's BULLSHIT ! !

            Boycott Wal Mart

    •  I believe the police consider this (0+ / 0-)

      on the training or target practice.

    •  It's the new teapublican policy (2+ / 0-)

      Since they couldn't get to convene death panels, they've settled for summary execution of the unworthy, i.e.; the poor.

    •  Whisky Tango Foxtrot (4+ / 0-)
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      MsColleen, CatKinNY, slinkie, cipher14

      They shoot the guy, then when he is down they fire some bean bags up his arse. Does not look to me they gave a damn about his condition when they went to him other than to step on his hand and jerk his other arm behind him. They they start rifling through his kit and still do not seem to consider the guy is dying if not dead already.

      Just so hard to trust any police these days.

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