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View Diary: UN: Extreme weather soars, Australia's record heat was 'virtually impossible' without human impacts (52 comments)

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  •  when you think of the hundreds of thousands killed (14+ / 0-)

    each year, people sickened, violations of human rights and civil rights, negative impacts on economy and jobs, impacts on women and children globally, impacts on culture and critters ....the list of impacts is so long. Not just the direct impacts, but the domino effects.

    yet this wall of denial remains with the deniers and GOP so effectively obstructing effective measures to address climate change. it's like a government shutdown but spread over every interconnected issue in life because it is government's role to protect and defend but deniers prevent actions.

    I wish that we could get laws to address criminal monetary penalties for the fossil fuel polluters, penalties that corresponded with the harms in billions, and also criminal penalties that put the CEOs in jail. These penalties might seem harsh, but so is ignoring how they kill and destroy mother earth and people. Stop the feckless $$ penalties that are so low as to constitute a mere business expense of killing life on earth. Maybe then they would be willing to come to the table to pass the climate change measures that are needed.

    •  Its partly denial but I think (0+ / 0-)

      it also reflects a  much more skillful version of the "cigarettes don't cause lung cancer" approach.

      There is absolutely no reason in principle why the Christian Right, for example shouldn't be resolutely on the side of conservation and stewardship of the Earth apart from the wave of money telling them otherwise.

      I mean my consolation is that if we frack up the planet, that shows we weren't worthy to eventually meet other planets' inhabitants and do the Star Trek thing and they are therefore better off without our civilization in the mix whereas Christian folk presumably believe that if the Earth melts, so does the universe.

      Remember to kick it over.

      by sprogga on Tue Mar 25, 2014 at 07:15:06 PM PDT

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