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View Diary: Message Fatigue Dooms Rush Limbaugh's Business Model (71 comments)

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    politically indigo

    Every day my email inbox is jammed with correspondence labeled "We're doomed", "Impending Disaster", "Devastating Defeat", etc. After opening a couple hundred of these over the past couple years, I now just delete them because I know they are fundraising appeals. I know I'm not the only one who does this.

    No matter how important the cause, bombarding potential donors with dozens (I've gotten 42 today and it's only 2p.m.) of pleas for money, with end-of-the-world titles every day for years without let-up is a sure-fire way to turn a good portion of those potential donors off. This is "message fatigue" as surely as Rush's hate-filled rants are causing message fatigue amongst his dwindling audience.

    We must find a better way, and the people sending out these pleas must be made aware that if they are going to be successful, they have to stop what they're doing before ALL their emails end up in the trash, unopened.

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