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View Diary: Albuquerque Police Fatally Shoot Mentally Ill Man (while he retreats) - Here's why it matters! (8 comments)

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  •  when have the capability, will use it (4+ / 0-)

    militarization of police

    school to prison pipeline

    off topic, but related. Today was a whole hour on democracy now featuring Ryan Shapiro who has filed more FOIA requests than anyone else.

    he is trying to get records from FBI, CIA, and possibly NSA on their role in capture and jailing of Nelson Mandella. This case, almost 50 years old, is being hidden under the rug of national security.

    also, trying to get FBI records about the attempt to kill OWS protesters in Huston and the FBI didn't notify Occupy Houston about this. Ryan is trying to find out why the FBI, which means the government and Obama, considered OWS to be a terrorist organization

    then a long segment on animal rights activists treated as terrorists if they go undercover to document factory farms. And the FBI has been on record that the largest domestic terrorism effort is animal rights activists.

    all these records are hidden from us, the "citizens"

    this is at the federal level

    good luck in getting police records released

    this case of murder of a homeless man is treating him like an animal and fits how we treat animals and how corporations get the laws they want

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