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View Diary: Insufferable Liberaltarian Privileged White Kid Syndrome & the Cult of Ed Snowden (95 comments)

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    ...even President Obama has acknowledged that his weak sauce "reforms" wouldn't have happened if not for Snowden.  Obama acknowledged the DISCUSSION wouldn't even be happening without Snowden.

    The important things we've learned from Snowden don't effect "privileged white kids".  They effect the children in Yemen who we target and murder with drone bombings using the intelligence that the NSA helped provide.  Its the teenage American boy in Yemen who was drone murdered using NSA cell tracking.

    You are a horrible hypocrite.  The reason the illegal spying THAT NO ONE was talking about before Snowden is part of the American military/spying/corporate complex.

    Terrorism, not being a REAL THREAT TO ANY AMERICAN INTERESTS, has been used as an excuse to build a private FOR PROFIT security industry.

    Glad you bought their propaganda hook line and sinker.  Try doing some research before speaking next time.

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