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View Diary: Robert Reich: Universal Basic Income In The US 'Almost Inevitable' (184 comments)

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  •  There would have to be some kind of limit (0+ / 0-)

    involved to discourage that kind of behavior.

    I personally favor sterilizing everyone at puberty or before, and then reversing it only once they've proven to be responsible citizens.

    Just kidding (I think)!

    •  wealthier people tend to have fewer kids, (2+ / 0-)
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      marina, GleninCA

      so I see no reason to suspect creating a system that lifts all boats would lead to lots of people having lots of kids they wouldn't have otherwise had.

      We could create some sort of mechanism, though, easily enough -- we can reasonably determine the basic necessities kids need and thus what they 'cost' at base and factor that into how much families are given.

      That cost would almost certainly be less than a minimum standard for adults.

      Being that having kids is a lot of work, if you work in a system where it's a net-even in cost, there isn't going to be any incentive for population growth.

      And as I said at the top, there would probably be a population reduction.

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