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View Diary: Robert Reich: Universal Basic Income In The US 'Almost Inevitable' (184 comments)

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    FarWestGirl, GleninCA

    there's more than one way to skin a cat.

    Keeping the gap between the rich and poor smaller in the west has generally come from social welfare, especially in countries like Norway, France and Finland, etc.

    But then you see countries like Japan that have done nearly as well by having higher salaries at the bottom and lower salaries at the top than in most other places.

    In both instances, living standards in these  kinds of countries tend to be high.

    A "basic income" standard, like Reich proposes, with a simultaneous reduction in social programs like food stamps, government-assisted housing programs, etc. could actually work... but only if the basic standards were enough to put an actual roof over ones head and actual (healthy) food on one's table.

    Being a pragmatist, I'm happy no matter how we get to the point where everyone -- no matter who you are or where you come from -- can have some minimal standard of life that is an actual life than can be lived without misery as the standard.

    Things like health care will eventually have to be socialized across the board no matter what, though. There's no real way around that... IMO anyway.

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