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View Diary: Greenwald's NSA Victory Lap (130 comments)

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  •  ROFL (0+ / 0-)

    A big-shot political blog?

    More like a haven for trolls who enjoy slamming other people's posts.

    This is not quality debate. Look at your posts, full of personal attacks, and lack of substance.

    "Because the United States is a military dictatorship/oligarchy, with a veneer of democracy, and he would immediately be disappeared into torture and prison.

    And that's the TRUTH."

    (According to you that is the truth.  An actual fact thrown in here with citation would be great, but, it's not important when your goal is to belittle the person you debate)

    "And if you're smart enough to know how to post on a big-shot political blog like this, you must know that."

    (I think I'm of average intelligence, but we both know, I'm smarter than YOU!)

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