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View Diary: First Doctor Visit in Five Years: Why Repubs Want Us Broke or Dead (224 comments)

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    You brought me to tears because I honestly do not understand how anyone can be refused the ability to the get the right care.
    Your situation was/is quite dramatic and emotional because the consequences that could be tragic are so obvious.  And there are, I am sure, many like you.

    And I know there are many like me, who when we were young got a chronic illness, over which we had no control.  But I was one of the lucky ones and my parents, though poor, had insurance.  Back then even low paying jobs had insurance for families.  It wasn't great but it was decent.  Still when I was hit with IBD and spent a month in the hospital and needed steroids, my parents had to refinance to pay some of the bills.  I did not know it back then but learned it as an adult.  My father was a police officer so the doctors knew him and made an effort to make my meds affordable giving my dad "samples".

    Then I was lucky to get a teaching job.  So I have always been covered and was able to work even though some years it was tough.  But I know others with IBD (Crohns or Ulcerative colitis) who lost their job because of the disease, then lost insurance and without it were unable to afford meds, could not look for work because they were often to sick to work.  While IBD does not kill, it can make it very difficult for people to work.  

    It breaks my heart to read what people have to go through in this country, the richest country in the world, because they are sick.  There is something truly wrong with those who vote against the most vulnerable in our society.

    “We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both.” Louis D. Brandeis

    by Jjc2006 on Wed Mar 26, 2014 at 03:53:08 PM PDT

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