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View Diary: 'I Had Nowhere To Go' - Man Loses Wife And Mother Because Another Man Couldn't Wait (321 comments)

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  •  I let them (7+ / 0-)

    and then I back off a bit.
    Leaving that space in front of me means I'm less stressed. And a couple of times, it's meant I wasn't in an accident when someone in front of me was.

    (Six years of driver training/annual classroom refreshers does help.)

    (Is it time for the pitchforks and torches yet?)

    by PJEvans on Wed Mar 26, 2014 at 08:16:25 AM PDT

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    •  Important point (4+ / 0-)

      You're supposed to leave one car length for every 10 mph. So three car lengths? Only if you're going 30.

      If you're too close to the car in front of you, it doesn't matter whether you're distracted or your eyes are glued to the road. Reaction times are real, physical constraints on human ability to process information and react to it.

      It's possible (though not wise) to drive safely while talking on the phone, so long as you recognise your limitations and compensate for them. The problem is people who fail to recognise (and compensate for) their impairment that are a threat. The most common failure I see on the road isn't people on their phones, it's people driving too close to the vehicles in front of them. And those people are just as deadly.

    •  Ironically, minutes after writing the above (7+ / 0-)

      comment, I was driving 60 mph on the highway when, without warning, a driver in the center lane cut off the driver in front of me to exit.  When I say cut off, I mean this would have been a major collision except for evasive action by the driver immediately ahead of me.

      It happened so fast I didn't even see the exiting car until it was on the exit ramp.  What I did see was the car in front of me hitting his brakes so hard that smoke from his tires enveloped his car, and the sudden deceleration turned him sideways.

      Fortunately, I was far enough back that I didn't T-bone him.  I also hit my brakes and steered to the right, winding up on the shoulder beside him.

      Had I not left enough room, we'd both have been in the hospital at the very least.

      Ted Cruz president? Pardon my Vietnamese, but Ngo Pho King Way.

      by ZedMont on Wed Mar 26, 2014 at 01:53:08 PM PDT

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