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View Diary: Good news: ACA covers addiction treatment - Bad news: addiction treatment may not work (149 comments)

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  •  sorry, your job to substantiate such a comment (6+ / 0-)

    not ours...

    You claim a good success rate, link it because the biggest collection of quacks I've ever seen congregate in "Recovery"....and I've never seen even a 20% legit success rate let alone anything that could be called good, verified of course, not woo from the councilors pov...

    Vaya con Dios Don Alejo
    I want to die a slave to principles. Not to men.
    Emiliano Zapata

    by buddabelly on Wed Mar 26, 2014 at 01:37:38 PM PDT

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    •  no it isn't (0+ / 0-)

      get a textbook. Go on line and google.  

      •  you have been here as long as I and as that's (3+ / 0-)
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        ebrann, Lonely Texan, get the red out

        the case, you well know that any statement of fact is yours to verify, with links...

        Thus it has always been, thus shall it always be.

        Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and you refuse to provide any.

        One link to many studies by another commenter shows at the 12 step study, no benefit at all could be quantified...none...

        So link it or it it doesn't exist....

        Vaya con Dios Don Alejo
        I want to die a slave to principles. Not to men.
        Emiliano Zapata

        by buddabelly on Wed Mar 26, 2014 at 06:00:25 PM PDT

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        •  how about climate change (0+ / 0-)

          are we to give our evidence on climate change to deniers?

          I am not making a controversial point.  It's that standard now, so standard I can say, any textbook?  

          •  Big difference. (1+ / 0-)
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            Lonely Texan

            97% of all scientists believe in climate change.

            But as far as addiction? You won't find a substantial link anywhere, that says anywhere near half of all doctors think that alcoholism is even a disease. Yet you claim that this knowledge is decisive on a level of... 97%. Hence... end of debate?

            Were those doctors biased? It doesn't appear that way:

            It is significant that a survey of doctors attending an annual conference of the International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous (IDAA) found that 80% of its members believed that alcoholism is simply bad behavior - - not a disease.

            Gods can do anything. They fear nothing: they are gods. There is one rule, one Seal of Solomon that can confound a god, and to which all gods pay service, to the letter: when belief in a god dies, the god dies. -- Harlan Ellison

            by bsmechanic on Thu Mar 27, 2014 at 06:53:16 PM PDT

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            •  only doctors who (0+ / 0-)

              specialize in addiction?  That is very sad that doctors are so out of touch, once Charlie Rose had addiction scientists on his show, I presume to educate.  There were four or six of them, in a round table discussion.  That was about four years ago.

              those ideas are not just wrong, they are harmful. That means that someone with a treatable disease might forgo treatment and instead think they're just behaving badly.  Or their family might disown them, and blame them.

              This is very sad information, seems like any fool can weigh in on someone's else's problem.  Doctors aren't any smarter out of their specialty than anyone else, but you'd think they'd at least know enough to say they don't know enough.

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