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View Diary: Good news: ACA covers addiction treatment - Bad news: addiction treatment may not work (149 comments)

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    anna shane

    Here is a list of research on Dialectical Behavior Therapy and substance abuse. Research needs to continue. Some conflicts. But there is plenty to suggest that it can be effective. can be an atheist in 12 step program. It's an absolute misunderstanding of the program to say it's "faith based". All you have to do is believe in something bigger than can be "truth" or "love" or "scientific methodology". This helps an alcoholic get out of the rigid emotion mind centered thinking that occurs per MRI proof while intoxicated chronically. It's a way to get outside your head to look for answers. I work with lots of atheist alcoholics in 12 step.

    There is also a new treatment related to EMDR for trauma called :feeling state addiction protocols. It has not been researched empirically yet but it is promising. We are seeing significant changes in use. We are on the process of design research and outcomes studies for our practice.

    Bottom line is that therapists are collecting outcomes more than ever before. This serves to improve outcomes. This practice will continue. The idea that treatment is not effective is not accurate. Go Google the subject, go to some A A meetings...try working the steps...before you dismiss it. Do your own research and you will find that some treatments are highly effective and one size does not fit all.

    We don't know everything we need to know but we know more than ever today about addiction and more will be revealed. My husband is 8 years sober and I have the pleasure of helping many sober people! They do exist and all of them credit something.

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