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View Diary: Good news: ACA covers addiction treatment - Bad news: addiction treatment may not work (149 comments)

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  •  only doctors who (0+ / 0-)

    specialize in addiction?  That is very sad that doctors are so out of touch, once Charlie Rose had addiction scientists on his show, I presume to educate.  There were four or six of them, in a round table discussion.  That was about four years ago.

    those ideas are not just wrong, they are harmful. That means that someone with a treatable disease might forgo treatment and instead think they're just behaving badly.  Or their family might disown them, and blame them.

    This is very sad information, seems like any fool can weigh in on someone's else's problem.  Doctors aren't any smarter out of their specialty than anyone else, but you'd think they'd at least know enough to say they don't know enough.

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