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    raspberryberet, Arenosa

    For the first time in decades I have a health policy that might pay some stuff for me.  The policies I've had since the great recession, and some months we had none (pay the mortgage or the insurance), never paid me a dime. They didn't help with prescription costs, they didn't help with doctor's visits, nothing. But the last 2 years I had policies from which I got refunds thanks to the 80/20 rule that was one of the first parts of ACA to go into effect.

    But now I have insurance that costs about $200 a month less, doctor visits will go from $98 to $20, prescription will go from $75 to $5, deductible goes from $2,500 each to a total of $3,000 combined.  And of course all the other benefits that were part of ACA.  

    I've been accused of lying at several sites but I hope that some of the right wing wackos that mocked me went to the marketplace and got insurance and of course will never tell their friends.

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