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    As a supporter of the Heritage / Romney conceived and Obama implemented ACA  (because indeed, 'no one should go bankrupt due accident or illness) but also as one who would prefer a 'single-payer' system, I would like to point out that there are situations in which buying insurance under this law doesn't make economic sense.

    My wife and I have been retired for well over a decade and have been without insurance all that time (forced-retirement in pursuit of corporate profits being the subject for another post). 'Early' Social Security is our primary - almost our sole - income and in a normal year, we are near enough the 'poverty line' to pay no Federal income tax at all.

    When I looked into buying insurance in January I was encouraged - our low income meant we qualified for a substantial subsidy and we were looking forward to getting covered. So why didn't we end up with insurance? Two reasons...

    1) we are both 64 and will qualify for Medicare in just a few months and 2) my wife's car developed intermittent transmission problems which logically meant a 'one-time' dip into savings to replace it. The $17k taken from our IRA wiped out most, if not all, of the subsidies and paying on the order of $1400/mo when we've gone 13 years thus far without insurance just didn't make sense.

    We support the ACA and wish we could have been one of its success stories but in the end, we've decided to keep our fingers crossed a few more months and pay the $95 fine.

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      you and your wife the best.  My 55 year old daughter also decided not to use the ACA despite the exorbitant cost of her individual health insurance policy as she is in the middle of treatment for a serious medical problem.  Had she been able to get a reliable answer from her insurance company, which offered an alternative policy, about whether her future treatment and current doctor would be covered, she would have considered switching.  But with no assurance that she could trust, she too made a choice that some would consider foolish given the price tag.  I hope eventually she can get an answer that is reliable and stop paying 25% of her annual income for premiums and deductibles.

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        Thanks for the kind comment Alice, I hope your daughter can find what she needs.  I might add that the 'One-Time' function on the website wasn't working properly when we tried to sign up (verified by an ACA rep over the phone), sending our total income into the stratosphere. Hopefully it is fixed by now.

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