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View Diary: ACA: "Let's just say I'm not complaining anymore" (84 comments)

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  •  Is your ACA different than mine? (0+ / 0-)

    I am in Kansas and when we go onto the website and look into coverage, the only stuff that we are getting is Catastrophic coverage, and for A LOT per month. If you want something decent you have to pay in the hundreds.  It doesn't seem to cover any more than the crappy Medicare does. Even WITH a S.H.I.P. official, that is what we get. The only way to be covered for Preventative care here is if your Employer covers it. That is what I am seeing. Please advise if you have different Info!!!

    •  The info sheets are for template plans. (2+ / 0-)
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      EVERY policy on the page, covers preventative care - even the Bronze packages - they are legally required to do so. You have to realize the information sheets are mostly from the state of the policy pre-ACA, and that it's not a perfect description of the coverage. If you're not clear on what's covered, call the insurance company to clarify - though in fairness, you'll have an easier time getting Obama on the phone, than BCBS these days, thanks to the massive influx of new members asking just these kinds of questions. But preventative care is always covered - if it's not in their coverage, they aren't allowed to be on exchange.

      Check out this link - it gives you some more info on what they have to cover as preventative care.

      As for how much you pay - it's very tricky. I don't make a lot of money, but I make more than a lot of people (well for a few weeks yet), and as such I'm getting next to no subsidy (less than $20 off my bill a month). But still, I'm paying a couple hundred a month to have both medical and dental coverage, for the first time in a long time - and without the exchange, as a contract employee, I'd be paying at least double that for an individual plan without the exchange.

      Which is why I get annoyed at the people on Gold plans, complaining that they're paying for all these people on the exchange, who are paying a few bucks a month. The more likely scenario, is that people like ME, the schlubs paying full price for the Bronze and Silver packages, are paying for those people - and so be it.

      I've spent 80% of my life without health insurance. And for the first time, I have it, without it being completely impossible to afford, or something I could lose if I lose a job - and by paying what I'm paying, I'm helping a lot of other people have it too. That's worth it to me.

      I've been to the pharmacy twice, and got an annual, since I got my insurance card - and each time I pull it out of my wallet, I felt a giddy sense of relief. :)

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