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View Diary: Calm, Cool, and Collected, President Obama Schools ABC Reporter During Press Conference at The Hague (264 comments)

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    First off, the right question is:

    Mr. President, why don't you have Dick Cheney in tow so that he can go on trial here?
    Second, and not to put too fine a point on it, but our biggest geopolitical foe is China, and the threat from them is not primarily military. This seems to have been lost on Mitt Romney and still seems to be lost on the zealots of the right. That's why spending more money on the military is such a bad idea and why it makes us less safe.

    But what the President got right is that any nuclear weapon going off (anywhere, not just New York) would be a huge problem that could devolve into WW III. That's why our nuclear reduction treaty with Russia, from early in the President's first term, was one of his most important achievements. And securing nuclear material (as well as chemical and biological weapons) is very, very important. Which, in turn, makes the deal he brokered on Syria another big achievement (even if he may have backed into it by seizing an opportunity rather than making one).

    Syria isn't a done deal, but draining the chemical weapons out of there makes it enormously less dangerous, and not just for Syrians.

    As for our influence in the world, I doubt most countries consider it any less than it was before Obama took office. In fact, most world leaders probably heaved a big sigh of relief that someone had come into office who didn't think a bigger bomb was a better bomb.

    Jonathan Karl seems to be confusing dictating with leading. When Putin sent troops into Crimea, he was dictating. What Obama did in response was leading.

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