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View Diary: Iowa Republican candidate blows the vilest of vile dog whistle (24 comments)

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    there are lots of things wrong with this ad, but I don't think it was aimed primarily at a specific ethnicity or even gender.

    I think it was in poor taste,  and typical of what happens when a woman is told she has to try to sound tough enough for politics.  To my mind, it is really more illustrative of how women are still second class citizens in many ways, than about allowing women to threaten violence against men in a PC society.  They have to be 'mini-men' to be taken seriously in conservative rural districts.  

    She clearly did not mean she would literally arrive in Washington, knife in hand, to cut up men.  She would cut spending.  The worst sin of the ad is it illustrates that she clearly doesn't care (or know perhaps)  that the only things left to cut spending wise can't be touched as they are the sacred cows (to stick to our poorly chosen animal metaphors in this thread) of the right.  So she makes another empty promise, leaves behind good taste and common sense in order to sound strong, instead of standing up for Iowa's families and small businesses and locally owned family farms,  by advocating policies that would help her prospective constituents.

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