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View Diary: Poll: Keep Obamacare, fix it, and shut up about it! (49 comments)

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    The ACA is not perfect, it I not the end, but the beginning of changes that are long overdue to a broken system. Personally, I would have preferred Medicare for all, with a private option for those who believe for profit big corporations are going to care more about their health than a no profit healthcare administrating administration.
    Anyone who has had surgery, been ill, or had a loved one dealing with an illness or surgical issue, then they are lying if they tell anyone that our system works great. Costs are insane, and if those profits are not going to the doctors as they claim, then big business is simply price gouging and screwing everyone in the process.
    My wife just had an outpatient surgery, four hours in the hospital before driving home, and the cost is over 200,000 dollars. Anyone who says that is justifiable is an absolute moron. Our system has been and continues to be broken, we need to take the ACA and build on it, fixing areas that need fixing, or better yet, go universal with the private option.

    •  Two plus five zeros? For an outpatient (0+ / 0-)

      procedure? That doesn't make any sense to me, even with prices run amok.
      I've been an advanced cancer patient for three years, and many of my treatments (including major surgery and a hospital stay) have been very expensive. But nowhere near that amount for any one day.
      I'd encourage you to get a very detailed itemized bill, if you're not already planning to do so.

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