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View Diary: Kansas Moves to make Miscarriages an Investigation Event and Defund Planned Parenthood (114 comments)

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    the scumbag behind this law should have to suffer miscarriages for the rest of  his or her miserable life. I have had a miscarriage and it is emotional rollercoaster event. I found that I was unable to carry a  pregnancy to full term because of a womb problem.When the miscarriage first happened I kept blaming myself, I had done something wrong, and so on . Then it would hit me how could I have done something wrong when I didn't even that I was pregnant. That miscarriage happen over 40 years ago to this day I still mourn the lost what could have been a baby in another 7 months.  Oh how are they going to make sure that all miscarriages are reported, some women don't go to the doctor after having one, because they have had them before and know what has happened?


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