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View Diary: Kansas Moves to make Miscarriages an Investigation Event and Defund Planned Parenthood (114 comments)

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    Kansas and Texas may well be the worst, but they are certainly not the only states.

    I had seen the latest news from Kansas and was familiar with the situation in Texas, but I liked that this diary sought to paint a broader picture. There was only one item I found a bit incongruous:

    Kansas thinks you're good for nothing but breeding stock.   This year Kansas tried to ban surrogate pregnancy...
    Since surrogate mothers are women essentially acting as a kind of breeding ground for other women unable to conceive or carry children, the juxtaposition of the two statements seemed a bit off.

    I support allowing women to choose if they want to be surrogate mothers. Some women undertake surrogacy for altruistic reasons while others do it mainly for financial reasons. Apparently, the amount paid to the surrogate can vary widely, but averages around $20,000, with all related maternity expenses paid separately on top of that, albeit experienced surrogates can command more. From the link provided in the diary, it seems NOW has expressed some reservations about the practice, although I was unable to discover their exact objections. It did appear that whatever position the organization has taken, there are disparate views on surrogacy among its members.

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