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View Diary: Republicans alarmed at current terrible crop of candidates, Georgia edition (50 comments)

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  •  A party that trolls for its candidates (3+ / 0-)
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    in open sewers is setting itself up for "alarm".

    Will some brave soul explain to me how, given the present political landscape, anyone who can count his own fingers would vote for ANY Republican?

    GOP knuckledraggers and miscreants aren't a 'phenomenon'... they're the rule.

    •  Smoke & Mirrors (0+ / 0-)

      Their votes are harvested by an extremely sophisticated propaganda machine which knows exactly how to push their buttons. It is a variation on the mass marketing of consumer goods. TV is especially desperate as an industry in keeping the Status Quo. Ever since the early 50's TV has been the main advertising medium of the country. That is slipping badly with the internet. There is no going back but TV has allied itself with regressive forces in hopes of retaining it's former glory. The Baby Boomers are especially joined at the hip to their TV sets. Given the right turn most people take politically at about age 50 the time to slew the country permanently to the right is NOW. Karl Rove is counting on it.

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