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View Diary: "We're living in a very ugly moment in American history" says Senator Bernie Sanders (111 comments)

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  •  About that "more so" ... (1+ / 0-)
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    Look:  I love Senator Bernie.  I love that he calls himself a Socialist.  And I love that he wins his Senatorial seat with large margins ...

    But ... I've been listening to him on Thom Hartmann's show for years now ... and the sameness  is beginning to wear maybe a little thin.

    With all due respect:  the man is at the  end of his career , and I suppose he IS allowed to coast a little at this point.  Certainly nothing much in the way of "results" can be expected from him at this point.

    So the "more so" probably indicates a constituency that is well-pleased enough to be catered to rhetorically ... but would like to see more in the way of Hope FOR Change -- for a change.

    But what we're going to get is  Schumer in the Senate and Clinton in the White House.

    It. Could. Be. Much. Worse.  (I guess)

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