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View Diary: House Republicans prove hatred of America with 'No More Parks' bill (134 comments)

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    As a lifelong midwesterner we always seek out the national Parks and monuments as part of our vacations.

    The national parks have 2 distinct constituencies. The local lovers who go to the same parks year in year out and the outside visitors who seek out new parks wherever they go on travels.

    The national parks are an extension of our schools. My wife and I took our children to every park we could reach. We very seldom took them to theme or amusement parks. To this day as young adults they tell us how much they appreciated those vacations.

    The National Park System teaches us about Theodore Roosevelt's life as a ND rancher, the national historic trails, Mount Rushmore, natural sciences of all kinds, the life of a nuclear missile crew, the badlands of SD, large cave systems, WWII history and on and on....

    Last year I personally visited Hoover Dam,  Death Valley, Yosemite and the San Francisco Maritime Park over 2 separate visits from MN.

    Every single one of these resources are part of our shared heritage.

    The single most expensive monument we ever visited was Pearl Harbor.

    There are units of the NPS across the country. Considering that the parks have a 90% approval rating I don't think there is much of a challenge selling voters on the value of their park system.

    •  Precisely, and its why congress almost never (2+ / 0-)
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      worldlotus, HM2Viking

      abolishes monuments. we could easily have a 1000 units in the national park service, the only limitation is money. you'd need about 50 billion a year for the park service to properly serve those areas 25 times what it currently gets.

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