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  •  Is there a point to this specious hit-piece, (7+ / 0-)

    beyond the usual "Big Energy is good, resistance is futile" bullshit?

    The industry has been putting this out for years now and it is just as disingenuous today as it was 25 or 30 years ago when that, then junior executive at the oil company, proposed it to divert discussion away from the actual issues surrounding their on-going parasitic crime spree.

    Compare the number of bird deaths with anything else that man puts in the sky and almost all of what he puts in the ground & air, and the ridiculousness of this "argument" becomes crystal clear.

    "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire

    by Greyhound on Thu Mar 27, 2014 at 10:00:57 AM PDT

    •  Never said that; read it again (2+ / 0-)
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      Bob Love, Scott in NAZ

      In fact, I clearly said that renewable energy, wind energy, is a fine and necessary thing. I said that scientists need to figure out ways to make wind turbines less deadly.

      Don't read in what I didn't provide.

      As through this world I've wandered,
      I've seen lots of funny men;
      Some will rob you with a six-gun,
      Some with a fountain pen.
      -- Woody Guthrie

      by Senor Unoball on Thu Mar 27, 2014 at 10:04:37 AM PDT

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      •  They already have (4+ / 0-)

        people have been working on this issue for over 40 years and we have learned a ton.  IN fact, citing Altamont pass is a little specious, kind of like saying that a lot of people die in crashes involving cars from the 1960s so it's a big problem that we should figure out how to fix while ignoring the development of seat belts and airbags.  

        Even Altamont pass has several generations of turbines that differ markedly in their characteristics.  Take a look next time you are out there.

      •  Still no significant point. If we went 100% to (2+ / 0-)
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        Senor Unoball, Calamity Jean

        wind power for electric generation, we'd still kill far more birds flying people from airport to airport every year.

        It's not that what was presented and re-phrased by you is wrong, it is the fact that it is insignificant and only serves to provide more ammunition for the beneficiaries of a centralized grid system that, while it was some progress over a century ago, is today an entrenched, moribund kleptocracy that exerts a stranglehold in American politics.

        One prime example is King Korrn. Not one human with an IQ above room temperature doesn't know that DoA subsidies to corn farmers make the whole problem worse every year that they continue, but you could put a gun to the head of any established politician, and they still wouldn't admit it publicly.

        That's the power that pieces like this give credence to, and that's why they must be called out,.

        "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire

        by Greyhound on Thu Mar 27, 2014 at 10:47:33 AM PDT

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        •  It's only insignificant (1+ / 0-)
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          Senor Unoball

          if you don't give a shit about birds.  And that's a perfectly valid opinion to have, but you should just be honest with yourself about it.  The estimates of total birds dead annually at wind turbines in Spain is in the 10s of millions (I don't have numbers for the US).  You can say you don't care, but don't act like the diarist lied or exaggerated the problem.

          The next Noah will work a short shift. - Charles Bowden

          by Scott in NAZ on Thu Mar 27, 2014 at 10:58:11 AM PDT

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