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View Diary: Screaming at Chris Hayes! (Updated with Link) (111 comments)

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  •  I Immediately Emailed AFP & Koch Industries..... (22+ / 0-)

    & recommended intense psychiatric intervention for the screeching Jennifer.  She appeared mentally ill.  I thought she might have a cardiac event in front of us.  She was so agitated, I expected froth & drool to start dripping from her mouth.

    I asked the Koch boys (info@kochindustries) why they would employ such an obviously impaired individual to represent their brand.  

    When she said "you're just trying to shut me up, because I'm a woman", it was hard not to laugh.

    George Bush extended the Medicare Part D signup deadline from May l5, 2006 to December 2006.  I don't remember any calls for his impeachment.  I don't recall anyone accusing Bush of shredding the Constitution or abusing his Presidential powers due to his extension either.  

    Poor, poor Jennifer.  She lost her composure, her cool & her argument.  Nanner Nanner, Jennifer dear.  

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