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  •  Yes, it may seem odd. I'm 58. (2+ / 0-)
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    It's another 7 years until I can get Medicare. And my wife is younger, and has a chronic condition, as I do. I might not be able to work until age 65. My wife might die tomorrow. But our household needs the income. We also carry disablilty insurance. I might not be able to work until age 62. So  what do I do then, sell pencils or roasted chestnuts?

    And I apologize to everyone that wants but that does not have a job that includes health care. As you have seen, we are paying a lot of muny for the dual coverage. I wish everyone had universal, single payer health care.

    What it really means is that we don't have any co-pay for regular Dr. office visits. The main reason we have it is in case one of us dies. We are nearing the end of our useful lives and waiting for SS. And each of us has major health issues.

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