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View Diary: Did Chris Hayes Handle the "Gish Gallop" well? (with poll) (33 comments)

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  •  Personally I think the best way to deal with an (2+ / 0-)
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    rb608, cablecargal

    emotionally out of control Repoidiot is to let them make fools of themselves.

    A couple of years ago Rachel interviewed some wacked out physicist Republican who ranted on and on about how he was a scientist blah blah blah.  He was totally out of control with anger and lunacy and kept getting more and more cranked.

    Rachel finally gave up trying to get him to address anything sensible and just let him make a horses ass of himself on national TV for as long as the segment lasted.

    The only thing she did wrong was to start banging her head on the desk.

    Just sit and get a Mona Lisa smile, look knowingly at the camera and let the jackass bray.

    Chris lets the hysteria rattle him, which is understandable, what he doesn't understand is that he will never get a sensible word of them once their spring has broken.

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