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View Diary: Anarchy Looms in Ukraine as 30,000 Russian Troops Massed Just Across Border (64 comments)

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    Deward Hastings

    She was jailed because she did it. And yes it was also political.  She's totally corrupt. Her Wikipedia page is full of things. The whole place is corrupt yet you get the same cast of characters going for the presidency over and over. In the US they would be destroyed by the press yet you give them a free pass. Hell, Romney got killed for not releasing tax returns. When she showed up at the Maiden, no one cared. But if you want to back the "gas princess" go right ahead. The future of Ukraine looks bleak indeed.

    •  Oh (0+ / 0-)

      Her Wikipedia page. Great source there

      But yes pretty much all leading figures are corrupt.  But what makes Ukraine's future bleakest is that it has no friends of any description

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