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View Diary: Democrats' $60 Million Code Name "Bannock Street Project" Set to Destroy Kochs & Goposaurs in 2014 (206 comments)

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    i really do. i linked to the diary in my above comment, because it confirmed for me something i really didn't want to believe. at a site where we all supposedly want the same thing, more and better democrats, a diary about donating to and campaigning for a republican was rescued, and got a lot of recs and positive comments.

    i believe the diary should have been HR'd into oblivion. i think if more kossacks had actual, real life experience working on getting more and better democrats elected, they would have tried to straighten the writer out, instead of cheering him on.

    maybe more kossacks are out there laboring to elect more and better democrats than i give us credit for. it's just that i don't often get the feeling from that many non front page diaries and comments that they're volunteering for or working on campaigns. yes, some kossacks are, but all? most? half? a sizeable minority?

    maybe i'm wrong. i really hope i am. perhaps if i hadn't stumbled across that awful diary back in October, i'd have a different impression of things.

    Shame cannot survive being spoken. It cannot survive empathy. -Dr. Brene Brown

    by thankgodforairamerica on Sat Mar 29, 2014 at 04:50:25 AM PDT

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