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View Diary: Out-of-context joke sparks Twitter campaign to cancel Colbert (713 comments)

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    Really, we need to put "social media" trends in context.

    Who the f#$% knows why but Michelle Malkin has over 700,000 twitter followers. So Step 1: She promotes this hashtag as a way to attack a left leaning comedy show. And 2) #CancelColbert starts trending.

    OMG!!! This trend might last 24 hours! How can we survive? Now we must agonize over whether Colbert should be funnier, less satirical, less harsh, more centrist or be cancelled!! Perhaps we should even disband the Democratic party to avoid being tarnished by this devastating twitter trend. Desperate times call for desperate measures and my god, we are talking about a twitter TREND!! {And don't forget Justin Beiber and Kim Khardashian have more twitter followers than President Obama, so we must take this trending business VERY, VERY seriously]

    But what a minute, social media trends are not exactly like organizing a civil rights movement. They are actually really east to start!  Remember, Oreos "you can still dunk in the dark" twitter trend from the 2013 Superbowl black out.  [BTW, how many packages of Oreos did you immediately run out and buy in direct response to that twitter trend? None you say? Exactly!]

    But all that aside, what if we all started a twitter trend of

    #SaveColbert_from_Conservatives_who_don't_ understand_Satire.
    Hooray the crops and Colbert are saved!

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