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    ramara, ItsaMathJoke

    it's also very alienating when a lot of effort and a lot of people get involve in a 'campaign', and as soon as the most immediate action on the agenda is reached and done with, the leadership appears to decamp and the momentum that was generated simply drains away; so next time it's all to be done over again from scratch.

    i seem to be seeing this with the Don'tFrackCalifornia March 15 rally.  no response to my email to the lead organization's website asking what's the follow-up plan, where are the transcripts of the speeches made, what were the workshops for setting up long-term communications among the partner organizations and their members, what materials were distributed for participants to take home to their communities at city and county level for how to talk to individuals, how to give testimoney at city & county councils, how to compose public speaking, so that each kind of listener gets a message that's persuasive.

    it's unfortunate that Organizing for America has become bogged down in asking for money (for what? he can't run for president again... did his campaign get that deep in the debt hole that OA is still paying it backward?) so if the plan is to transition into something comparable to the Clinton Global Initiative as a longterm continuing organization (which incidentally can provide employment to its key players) ---or if Mr Obama is actually thinking to do what few past presidents have done but sometimes done well and try for a seat in the house or senate to continue to serve the american people and the money being requested is for campaigning for that--- it does seems in any case as if O for A should be laying out its ongoing objectives if they've got any.

    regretfully, i just don't have time or resources to research whatever it is that they are doing, but you're not alone in exasperation with the constant asking for money without accounting for it and without holding to account the recipient of its benefit.

    for the record, 'tho, i never saw the president as a liberal, but rather as a centrist with a few involvements and traits that gave a liberal impression.  and altho i did see him as a perhaps necessary-in-this-moment-in-history president, i had tremendous doubts about his limited experience in forming relationships and, frankly, collecting i.o.u.'s in the capitol.  

    and obvious the first black president of the u.s. would get nothing but pushback unless almost literally everyone who voted for him, regardless of their reasons, made that act only the beginning of a commitment to walk the precincts, talk in churches and synagogues and mosques and other houses of worship, pressure friends & relatives etc, to put their political muscle behind making the changes actually happen, by active highprofile pressure on all their legislators to cooperate with and collaboration in everything that campaign said needed to be changed.

    realistically, candidates have a tendency to promise a lot it turns out they can't deliver because until they're IN office they don't have access to ALL the information that often makes "change" so much more complex and far=reaching in directions never dreamt of during campaigning, that a lot of the processes hoped to be fast get extremely bogged down in the real-life logistics.

    and, as is not unusual, the majority of the electorate, the ones who voted for him, instead considered that to have been enough, as if they had crowned a monarch with unlimited powers to change things.  or a fairy godfather.  i don't know if it's toxins in the water or the air, but anyone is being nothing short of ridiculous to imagine that electing one person to office, regardless of how high the office, means constitutents can sit back on their laurels and expect that person to get all the work done.  yet it happens around america constantly and at every level.  people vaguely imagine that FDR did it and therefore anyONE who wants to also can.  

    but reality aint like that.   we're more worshippers of plutocrats than countries with inherited heirarchies of them.  and we believe their fairy tales far more than they do.  we are not cinderella and there is no prince charming to rescue us (or whatever the hell the prince's name was, and BTW he was just a prince, not the king).

    the only thing that always gets the job done is sustained effort by the activist electorate.  leaders help focus our energies and spearhead them, but without our sustained grassroots energies our leaders are weak.

    without our sustained energies, activism becomes a mere social calender of hopping from one exciting isolated "event" to another.  wave a picket sign, sing some songs, paint the kids' faces, listen to speeches, go home and wait for the next party.  none of that is political reality, it's political theater at best.

    how long is it going to take americans to get real?

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      mettle fatigue, ItsaMathJoke

      since Dean didn't win, but I think that making him head of the Democratic party was a brilliant way to use and build upon the organization he had built. But the activist group Democracy for America has become a strong voice for liberal causes and candidates. We know Dean is still involved, and his brother heads the group, but the focus is on policy. I'm afraid OFA has not managed to do that.

      Being attentive to the needs of others might not be the point of life, but it is the work of life. It can be ... almost impossibly difficult. But it is not something we give. It is what we get in exchange for having to die. - Jonathan Safran Foer

      by ramara on Sat Mar 29, 2014 at 12:13:49 AM PDT

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