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  •  How to Follow Tags (& Search?) in Stream? (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Eric Nelson

    1) How does one add Tags to one's Stream on DailyKos? I'm probably just missing a link or basic step.

    In my Stream, it says: "Below you'll find recent contributions related to [your] followed authors, tags, and groups."

    It's easy to follow an author: just click on Follow next to their profile.

    Likewise, group members automatically follow that group in their Stream. (Non-members can click on Follow in the group).

    But how does one Follow a Tag? Tks if anyone can answer.

    2) Also, would it make sense to add "Follow" to the Search Diary function? So, for example, let's say I do a search for diaries in the past week which contain the text "realism". It would be nice if I could click on "Follow" in that Search page, to add this weekly search to my Stream. (This gives greater search control than using only Tags.)

    Maybe this is already possible? (I know one could use an RSS reader, but I try to simply my computer use, and improving DailyKos functionality is a good thing, especially if it doesn't cost much.)

    Maybe this is already underway, for the next revision?

    •  You're almost there. But just in case; backing.. (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Sharon Wraight

      ..up a bit:
      1) choose following then 2) under that heading choose tags,

      Once you've chosen tags, directly below it will say: Follow your favorite tags. Diaries with those tags will appear in your Stream. directly to the right of that will be the option Add Tag with a heart to its left 3) choose Add tag and a search box will open up that allows you to write in the tags of your choice, including this choice:

                  ..with the box to the right where you can enter the selected tags, and on the far right is a search box too for finding more tag choices

      good tag hunting :)

      •  Thank you for the Follow Tag tips! And (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Eric Nelson

        also for the nifty html example. :-) This:


        Like most good things, blindingly obvious and intuitive -- once one sees how to do it. :-) Thanks again!

        (I'd still like a "Follow Search Results" feature, because many diaries aren't well-tagged, and tagging is an inexact art. But I don't know how many other people would find this useful, nor how much effort it would take to create, nor if it would put demands on the server, etc.)

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