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View Diary: MUST-SEE: Bill Maher calls on Democrats to stand up and DEFEND Obamacare (54 comments)

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  •  Great post, on that topic, and it's something I (0+ / 0-)

    always think about with Obama on the NSA and other security state civil liberties issues.

    Back to Carter, he had a small circle of advisors, smaller than Obama, and also a wider circle of DC insiders, perhaps more than Obama. Last 2 years, he was heavily under Brzenski's influence. I don't know about the pressure, but it's the presiden't job to handle and manage that, and Carter did it very poorly.

    I liked him a lot the first 2 years, but like many who feel betrayed by Obama, I felt betrayed by Carter's last 2 years. I was especially offended by his needless hawkish draft registration which affected me personally. If you didn't register, you'd lose your ability to receive student loans. That evil law is still in place, thanks to Carter. There are so many policy blunders from his last 2 years and campaign blunders, but I'll stop there. That can't all be due to being threatened as President. A lot of it is having good or bad judgment policy and campaign wise, and Carter just had way too much bad judgment as President and as campaigner (excuse me, but the debate book theft to Reagan, botched Iran hostage rescue mission, and the failure to stop Reagan from making a secret election deal with Iran to release the hostages shows a massive underestimation of the GOP and it's unforgivable). Those on the left who worship him tend to only look at his post presidency (which is very good and admirable) and whitewash his actual governing.

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