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View Diary: Sorry Righties but Biblical Noah was a Vegan Environmentalist! (88 comments)

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  •  have you heard of "Christ Killer"? (0+ / 0-)

    it's hard to believe, but there's a talked about sequel to "Gladiator" called "Christ Killer". Of course, the writer had to deal with the fact that the main character (Crowe) dies in the first movie. In the sequel, the Crowe character is in Hades, where he hears that some new God is displacing all the older Gods. In order to finish the old Gods off for good, this new God is planning on conceiving a mortal son and sending him to earth. The old Gods decide to enlist Crowe in the battle. They return him to life and send him back to the mortal world, in order to find and kill this "son of God".

    I'd sure buy a ticket to that for a dollar! And I can hear the heads of right wing fundamentalists exploding across America!

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