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  •  We need to run hard on ACA, regardless (12+ / 0-)

    The point is that millions of individuals are now covered, whether through Medicaid or private plans.  I think we've long since passed the point of no return.  I think the Medicaid expansion is a HUGE deal that no one is making a big enough deal of, as this will have some pretty immediate effects on national health indicators over the next few years.  

    The larger the number will matter further down the road in making this all work in the long run by keeping down cost of health care.  So, we'll have to keep an eye on the number and who signs up.  But, at least in the first few years of the ACA, this is really a BFD, particularly for poorer individuals.  Quite frankly, this was, has been, and will remain historic legislation.  Fewer people are going to die prematurely, it's just that simple.  These are real people, with real lives and real struggles.  Whatever the problem, the alternative is what we had before since the GOP is not proposing a legitimate/serious replacement.  That needs to be driven home again and again.

    I see the media is doing what it usually does.  They are trying to make an issue of the website again this morning.  But, the ACA isn't going anywhere, and it shouldn't.  

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