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    John Crapper

    I was also thinking, Engel 12-volt cooler chests.  Engel = best of breed, ruggedized, and highly efficient.  

    Photovoltaics are already cheap enough that covering a camper roof with them will provide enough power to run more stuff.  Though, electricity is inefficient for heating, compared to either solar thermal (which competes for roof space) or fire-based systems such as propane.

    Microwaves are interesting: high surge power consumption for a short period.  If empirical power consumption is 1000 watts during a cooking cycle of 10 minutes, that's 167 watt-hours, equivalent to a 35-watt laptop for about 4.77 hours.  Assume two 5-watt LED lights on at any given time for 8 hours a day, total of 10 watts for 8 hours = 80 watt/hours.  

    To round up a bit, assume 200 for the nuke, 200 for the laptop, 100 for lighting, let's throw in another 200 for misc devices, total is 700 watt/hours per day or less than 1 KWH/day that has to come from "somewhere" e.g. solar cells on the roof.  

    700 watt/hours/day = 21 KWH/month, whereas average for apartment-dwellers is about 400 KWH/month and for single-family houses is about 3,000 KWH/month (these numbers from misc research + solar contractors I know).

    That should be "easy" in any environment with decent sunlight, and assume a gasoline generator for emergencies such as during long spans of overcast.

    Next step is to design for solar electric refrigeration e.g. an Engel unit.  And also potentially a wind charger even though those are not particularly efficient (this I need to research, I know utility-scale wind from having worked on it, but residential-scale I don't know; possibly the sailboating world has something interesting).

    OK, so you've got me thinking about another eco-industrial design project.  And what works for a camper can also work for a micro-house, so there we go!

    Yes this is one of the things I do for recreation, Nerds R Us;-)

    We got the future back. Uh-oh.

    by G2geek on Fri Jul 18, 2014 at 08:08:30 PM PDT

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