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View Diary: Religious Movies for Atheists (41 comments)

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  •  Constantine is based on comic, just so you know. (1+ / 0-)
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    Meant to add Dogma but see that you did not care for it.

    Dogma & Constantine are two of my keeper films (willing to own).  To me "keepers" either inspire, makes one ponder, teach, escape, transfix, feel in a profound way. Whether they were box office hits or cult classics...or not.

    I think Dogma brilliant & hilarious & was somehow a "breath of fresh air" when it came out.

    Constantine was a delightful surprise; one hard for me to categorize.  But one I will watch more than once-much like a book that one re-reads at intervals over life's journey..

    Life of Pi & Cloud Atlas are amongst my keepers. Both contain elements of spirituality depending on the eyes watching them.

    Stigmata is not one of my keepers.

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