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View Diary: NJ State Senator Weinberg explains on MTP, Five Things that are Wrong with the Christie Report (60 comments)

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    Chucklehead Todd is David Gregory's understudy. He's just as bad. MTP gives Republiclowns too many passes, and soft pitches. But they are just serving their master's wishes. They are prostitutes for corporate conservative management and ownership. Another thing SCOTUS should hang itself for.  Don't forget Chucklehead was the face of DISINFORMATION regarding ACA (Obamacare). I expect ACA to be successful in the future. It will take 5 years to get the bugs out. Then maybe we will even have single payer system and put the abusing insurance companies on the ropes. If, as I expect Obamacare is successful Democrats will be able to paint EVERY current and future Rethuglican with the same brush, and ensure a Rethuglican couldn't get elected dog catcher.

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