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    DC Mayoral candidate Andy Shallal made that suggestion in an interview on The Real News recently.

    SHALLAL: That ties into all of that. So, you know, worse comes to worse, a kid doesn't do well, they end up going to jail, hey, we've got it. It's a win-win for some group of people, right?

    So I think in that sense they've figured out a way to monetize poverty. So there's not a real incentive to end it, in that sense. So that's really an important thing.

    The other thing is we have— in D.C., for instance, we have more jobs than people to fill them. We have more jobs in D.C. available. So when politicians get up and say, we need more jobs, we don't need more jobs. We need to train people to get the jobs that are available. We need to bring back vocational training into schools, to make it so that kids that want to do other than go to college, something else, learn cosmetology, learn about auto mechanics, learn about IT, learn about things that don't require a four-year college degree— I think it's really important to bring those back in schools.

    Maybe he's right in this case, even if it's not true on a wider scale. I'd be interested in seeing the evidence for it, though.

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