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View Diary: Republicans Flailing, Demanding Unskewing of the ACA Numbers, Accusing Admin of "Cooking the Books" (116 comments)

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  •  Old #s, gonna be closer to 15-17 mil. (5+ / 0-)

    Almost 7 mil QHP/exchange, 6 mil+ Medicaid expansion, 2-3 mil under 26, plus at least 1-2 mil non-exchange signups.

    'Course, don't expect most of the media to report anything like that cause "BO suxs! and D's Doomed!" is all they know right now.  Turns out billionaires $ does buy something.  Sadly bc media is now pretty much all conglomerate owned, the great f*cking Thugs are going to give them is meaningless bc their corporate masters have said so.

    And if they don't care about themselves, you can't really expect them to give a fly about you, now can you?

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