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View Diary: GOP senator claims White House 'cooking the books' on Obamacare enrollment surge (87 comments)

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  •  I hope that after you sign them up (7+ / 0-)

    you explain to them that you just signed them up for Obamacare.  Because it drives me nuts that a good number of people seem to think maintaining a warm feeling of superiority over the rubes is better than actually going out of their way to educate these people so they won't be so ignorant in future.  

    It was difficult, but I shared knowledge with one of our clients who seemed to think she finally got lucky and found the right person to talk to who got her on HUSKY (CT medicare) rather than realizing that it was Obamacare kicking in that got her on HUSKY.  When she said she wished she'd managed to find the right person to talk to three years ago so she wouldn't have been medically uncovered all these years, I realized she needed to hear the truth, esp. since she's told me she hates Obama in the past.  I did not luxuriate in my superiority over her and let her go on her merry way believing Jesus reached out and pointed her in the right direction (which is what she said happened.)

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