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  •  The bad news and the good news (4+ / 0-)

    The bad news is that global habitats are really in trouble. The evidence is overwhelming. CO2 levels at 400ppm, ocean acidification, land and sea ice melting a a furious pace. Ocean species are migrating at a frantic pace. Land species are following. We will be at 8,9,10,11 billion people on the planet, all relying on open land agriculture in pre-industrial habitat areas. In a word we have screwed up the only inheritance that really matters. Getting any realistic response from governments is nearly impossible. We have to design and build a new civilization based on nearly 100% sustainable technologies and we have to start in 1970. We will have to abandon the existing infrastructure, cities, homes, roads, power generation, airports, industries, extraction sectors and replace it all.

    Now for the good news.

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