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  •  They're also trying to kick Mike Honda from office (9+ / 0-)

    Mike's a staunch pro-labor progressive. He faces a primary challenge from Democrat Ro Khanna, a corporate attorney, because a Republican candidate can't get the time of day at this time in the Bay area to capture a congressional seat. I suspect this is the best corporate Silicon Valley can do to find someone who might be more likely to line their pockets.

    Honda's voting record, as far as I'm aware, is stellar. He was also vice chair of the DCCC in 2012, installed by Howard Dean, which may have helped us seat more and better Democrats. He's been good for the valley and I certainly don't see that we need someone else. Our right-leaning leading local news weekly is very much pro Ro which is enough for me to know that he isn't the guy for the job. Khanna says he's not taking any corporate or special interest money but he's got a lot of CEO's donating to his campaign. Mike may also have some of those donations, but he's not made such a pledge. And if Khanna were to become the primary winner, it would be surprising if he stuck to that pledge/

    Honda's been effective for the bay area and on issues for the country at large.

    •  A lot of the CEO's are immigrant entrepreneurs (1+ / 0-)
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      who are being held up as shining examples of success and the power of diversity.  People that can 'think outside the box.'

      There is a reason that they are called the Indian Émigré Mafia.   With today's Supremes ruling on campaign donations, I expect that it will get worse.  

      With the recent indictments of Leland Yee,  and exposure of some underground gang activities,  we can see how corruption is eating away at our society.   I doubt, though, that our local papers are going to do any kind of in depth coverage of how all this is connected.  

      We're going to have more of challenge from the wealthy members of the Democratic party than we will from the Republicans for at least the next 2 or 3 years, until they get it together to recruit all the small Chinese business owners that are against affirmative action.  

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