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  •  not correct. (2+ / 0-)
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    At the tech firms ive worked at the H1B's were paid just as well as the non H1B's.

    The H1B program just has the effect of  lowering the whole market standard of what talent can expect to be paid.

    •  I've worked where the contracting (0+ / 0-)

      company that employed the h1-b's was billing an hourly rate that was just about the same as the regular employees, but was paying them significantly less, with a really crummy benefit program,  and keeping the difference.   I also wondered if management was getting perks and kickbacks on the payroll -- they sure got nice bottles of scotch at the end of the year.  

      There are all kinds of scams that go with the h1b program  -- pay the h1b into an account in their home country bank, no US/state taxes.   Heck, they might not even require a visa.  A whole department of a major company was doing this with their Mexican national repair/rework technicians over in Sunnyvale, paying them what they would earn in Mexico (like 2 or 3 dollars an hour) and it was about a year or longer before they got caught.  Higher management claimed no knowledge -- but they were enjoying the savings.  

      Keep one h1b visa, and rotate a couple of different people through the same position,  using alias names.   Hire one guy, who takes work home to a couple of his friends and family who work off the books at home and make it appear that he really can code twice or three times as fast, or more.  

      There was a house in our neighborhood where there were about 8 young east Asian men who worked together as a team for the few that had jobs -- if they were out of visa status they helped the guys who had the work.   When they got work, they shared it with their buddies.  Confidentiality?   So many unknown people working on accounts?  

      Sometimes the H1B has to pay the employer for the chance at the job.  His pay will get docked for all the costs of getting him here -- flight tickets, shipping possessions, housing and meals -- and then turn around and bill the major employer for the same.    Sometimes the h1b employer will pay for housing -- and stuff 8 or 16 guys into one house.  

      If I've come across these in my working experience, how the heck do these issues get ignored by the responsible agencies that are supposed to be policing abuses?   They aren't.  

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